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Our company, which undertakes the export mission of your product castings between 20 kg and 30 tons, cooperates with the foundry where it works in the fields of production process and quality control and exports the product after the quality control reports reach the customer.


Working with Turkey's oldest and most technological foundry
More than a hundred casting qualities in steel castings
Qualified engineering staff
Using all quality control stages effectively

- Ultrasonic Test
- Tensile Strength Test
- Chemical Analysis
- Impact Test
- Hardness Measurement
- Liquid Penetration Test
- Magnetic Particle Test

About Us

Nova Yed.Par.San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. is a company operating in the earthmoving equipment and mining industry. Our company, which has the necessary knowledge and technical knowledge on these topics, continues to renew itself every moment and closely follows the technology, which is the necessity of the existing age. We therefore work together with Turkey's oldest, high-capacity and most technological foundry.

Products sold by our company, which has a wide product range: Track shoe, roller, idler, drive tumbler, tooth, tip, adapter, segment, middle and end edges, shank, ripper tooth, ripper protector, grader blade, bucket edge and bucket attachments for earthmoving equipment.

Cone crusher, mobile crusher and hydraulic crusher parts for the mining industry.

Hardox steel.

In addition to our main products, we provide services for all kinds of products for heating and abrasion, accompanied by technical drawings in steel casting. We control and report all production processes from the start to the end stage of product manufacturing.

Nova Yedek Parça San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.